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Bead Types & Finishes

Ceylon These beads have a pearl-like finish
Inside Colors Transparent beads with a separate color inside the hole. The outside glass may be a clear or a color. Outside color is listed first, then inside color.
Iris Beads are coated with a permanent iridescent, or rainbow finish. Often appear metallic.
Iris Matte Iris beads with a frosted look.
Luminous Inside Color Clear beads with astro-brite type colors inside.
Opaque Light is not visible through the beads
Opaque FAB (Frosted Aurora Borealis) See transparent FAB
Opaque Lustered Opaque beads with a pearl like finish.
Opaque Matte These beads have a velvety, non-shiny look in opaque.
Opaque Rainbow Opaque beads with rainbow (AB) finish.
Transparent Light is visible through the beads.
Transparent Colors Rainbow Transparent glass with rainbow (AB) finish.
Transparent FAB (Frosted Aurora Borealis) These are matted beads to which a rainbow coating has been applied. Also known as Matte Iridescent.
Transparent Inside Color Rainbow See INSIDE COLOR. In these, the outside has been given a rainbow (aurora borealis, iridescent) finish
Transparent Matte These Beads have a frosted look

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