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Getting Started with Beaded Flowers


  • Size
    • Beads can be purchased loose (Japanese) or in hanks (Czech).
    • With the Japanese seed beads it's easier to string if you have a bead spinner.
    • The most commonly used size is 11/0 seed beads but other sizes work as well.
  • Colors
    • Green for leaves - lots of it. Transparent, Opaque, Crystal. Light, Medium, Dark. You don't have to get all of these, I recommend transparent to start with. My go-to green is Miyuki 146.
    • Red, yellow, pink, and white are good colors to have on hand for flower petals. I prefer transparent rather than opaque.
    • Beyond that it will depend on what flower you want to make.


  • Size
    • 24, 26 or 28 gauge for most flowers but it depends on the pattern. Start with 24 gauge as that's what works best for size 11/0 beads.
    • 30 or 32 gauge for lacing.
    • 16 gauge stem wire for stems. Available in 18 inch lengths from craft stores..
  • Colors
    • Green - lots of green.
    • Gold Color and Silver Color will work for the majority of flowers, however, it's nice to use wire that matches the color of your beads.
    • Gold for the warm colors (red, yellow, orange), silver for the cool colors (blue, green, purple).

Floral Tape

  • Green, brown, and white are the most commonly available but all you need to get started in green.
    See Floral Tape FAQ
  • Floral Tape is also available in the silk flower section of your local craft stores.

Potting Supplies

  • Pots - Available anywhere that sells artificial or real flower supplies.
  • Floral Clay - Used to add weight to pots and hold flowers in place.
  • Liquid illusion - This is a polymer product that hardens clear but is not needed for getting started.. Available in the silk flower section of your local craft stores.
  • Vases Available from anywhere that sells artificial or real flowers including florists. I find most of my bud vases at Goodwill and other thrift and resale stores for less than one dollar each. Also try flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops and sales.

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