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How to Make Beaded Flower Jewelry

Beaded Flower Jewelry To help with stability issues when wearing a beaded flower pin, attach it to your clothes upside down so that the weight of the flower is downward and helps stabilize it. I curl any part of the stem that is showing behind the flower because it looks weird if it's pointing up.

For more detailed instructions with photos on creating beaded flower jewelry see my

Beaded Flower Jewelry Instructions
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Another method that works well is to wire the individual petals to a mesh screen pin. This is the method that the brooch patterns in the Japanese books usually use.

metal mesh screen
Beaded Flower Poinsettia Pin
Beaded Flower Poinsettia Brooch 
When making brooches, making a lighter flower also works. You can use 28g wire and instead of clipping the wire at the top of the petal, run it down the length of the back of the flower and twist it to the stem wire. The method gives added stability and also prevents those cut tips of wire from catching on clothes or your hair.

Although I haven't tried this idea yet it might work . . . Attach the pin back behind the center of the flower by wrapping a wire over the front, hiding it underneath and between the petals.

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