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Beaded Garden Project Sheet - Rose & Lavender Bouquet

Inspired by an arrangement in Florist's Review: 101 How-To Favorites
  • Red rose from a pattern by Donna Dickt with a center variation
  • Lavender pattern by Miyumi Nishi with variation, approximately 32
  • Greenery using the Branch Buddy (picture below), approximately 41 stems
  • Designette (see photo to right)
  • 16 gauge Stem Wire
  • Green Floral Tape
  • Tussie Mussie Bouquet Holder
  • Air Drying Clay

Flower Instructions
All flowers are assembled onto 16 gauge stem wire.

The red rose was made according to Donna Dickt's pattern with a rolled center added. The rolled center is a 1-1/2 inch basic with 6 rows. Use a very long top basic wire and make a 5 row petal. Add beads to the top basic wire and bring that wire down along the left side of the petal. Twist all wires together. This will give you a six rows petal with no cut piece at the top of the petal. Roll this petal around a pencil for the center of the rose and attach the rest of the petals as described in the instructions.

The Lavender uses a purple bead soup mixture, i.e. several colors of purple were mixed together. This mixture was used instead of counting the color sequence as described in Mayumi's instructions. This is a very quick way to make a lot of lavender stalks.

The greenery was made using the full length of the Branch Buddy.

All flowers are cut short to fit the designette. The rose is inserted into the top center area. Two rows of lavender are inserted into the sides of the designette. The greenery is inserted just under the lavender also in two rows.

Each stem is dipped in white glue before inserting into the foam. Once you insert a stem don't adjust it or it will slip out of place. If necessary, add more white glue or hot glue after the lavender is put in place and again after the greenery is placed.

In the bottom openings of the designette use a 6-8 inch piece of taped stem wire gentle bent into a petal shape and the ends coated with white glue. This will support the greenery and give a nice full look to your bouquet.

Insert clay into the bouquet holder, cut the stem wires of the bouquet to fit the holder and press firmly into the clay. You will need to press hard which will likely crush your flowers a bit but they are easily reshaped once everything is in place. If necessary, add white glue around any loose stems.

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