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Silk Floss for Beaded Flower Stems

Traditionally, beaded flower stems were wrapped with silk floss to hide the wire. Today, many of us use floral tape because it's so quick and easy as well as providing a nice finish. I've collected many different kinds of floss and cord for finishing stems and this article will show a sample of each. Click on one of the stems in the photo below and you will be taken to a page with more details and photos about that particular stem covering.

All of my samples were done on a 6 inch piece of 14 gauge stem wire which was first covered with floral tape and then with the floss or cord. I use floral tape as a base because its stickiness (from the wax) helps the floss stay in place while you wrap.

For information on handling silk floss click here.

There are many other finishing techniques for stems that are not covered in this article including:
  • Painting over the floral tape - Several people have had excellent results with this and perhaps someone will share a photo.
  • Wrap stem with beads on wire, using size 11 or 14/15 beads
  • Cover floral tape with a coating such as Modge Podge or clear mail polish or any other product that dries clear.
  • Wrap with narrow silk ribbon as used for ribbon embroidery
If you would like to contribute more information about stem finishing to this article just send me (Caren) an email.
Click on each sample for more information.

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