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Macrame Links - English

Interlaced Accents 

Leaf and Flower Macrame Bracelet, Instructor Carolyn Cook - Class offered at Albion Beads 

Dottie Hoeschen Macrame Patterns - Search for Designer 

Alethia Donathan 

Jeanne Wertman 

Macrame Earrings 

Knot Gypsy Designs 

The Art of Barbara Natoli Witt
San Antonio Museum of Art Exhibit - January 20 through March 18, 2007 

Wire macrame bracelet with silver and beads 

Knotted Sculptures 

Sandy Swirnoff

Annika deGroot - Jewelry Artist

The Art of Barbara Natoli Witt

Cameo Necklace on w/Macrame

Fairies on swings suspended with macrame cords

Valeria Lajaras' Macrame and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Macrame Lovers Blog

Marion Hunziker-Larsen - Jewels in Fiber
     I love her style and purchased a brooch kit to learn the technique of bezeling a cabochon

Nomadic Knotwork by Isha Elafi

Irina Serbina

Diane Itter

Diane Itter - Beyond the Fringe

Amber Moon Designs

Saorsa Studio of Beads
     Click on Jewelry.

Kristine Buchanan
     Micro macrame jewelry

White Swan
     Online macrame beading classes.

Linnea Lockwood - Gambino

September's Child

Joan Babcock

Elaine Lieberman

Janet Long

Animated Verticle Clove Hitch

Knotwork - The Macrame site

National Endowment for the Arts &s Crafts


Bracelet with beads

Fused glass sun catcher on macrame braid ca 1960s

Macrame Earrings

Sarah Lesley Stoune dba Chameleon Soul designs
     Mini macrame hangings.

Bead & Body

Dragonfly Knot Instructions

Instructions using color in knots

     I don't know where this fits in but it's a cool site.

Macrame Lawn Chair Instructions

Cords of Clay

Friendship Bracelets

Dale Roberts

Darlyn Susan Yee

Doreen Connors

Knotted Fiber by Adrienne Cullom

Why Knot

     Knotted baskets

Cool tools!

Cavendoli Macrame by Keith Russell
     Australian artist

Studio Luna
     Austrlian artist. Not much on the site yet but the home page has a cavendoli piece.

Small hanging
Knotz Made
     Plant Hangers

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